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Questions explored in 2021:

  • What is a toxin-free lifestyle?
  • Which wellness habits can support the 12 body systems?
  • What opportunities lie inside our emotions?
  • Why is spinal health important?
  • Why is sugar a chemical stressor on the body?
  • How does water nourish and maintain a person’s health?

New to our classes?

If you are new to our programmes and have missed an earlier class, do not worry. Our 2021 class notes are available for purchase.

2022 classes begin again in September!

Later this year, I look forward to diving into 4 more wellness topics:

  • Healthy sleeping habits for the family – exploring recommended strategies and the reasons behind them.
  • Principles of active rest – the different types and why each one is important in order to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.
  • Digital wellness – how to use technology smartly.
  • Qigong 101 – postures, philosophy and flow.


If you are passionate about wellness and have an experience or expertise that you would like to share, please send me a message and we can discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Much love,
Yolanda x