A definition:

Meta-clinical (metaphysical-clinical) aromatherapy works with the therapeutic properties of essential oils to support the body’s physiology with the goal of enhancing the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Today’s technology creates these concentrated extracts from flowers, bark, seeds, rind, and roots, known as essential oils, mostly using the process of steam distillation. When inhaled, the micro-molecules in the essential oils travel through the body’s olfactory channels directly to the brain, stimulating the limbic system and connecting to the amygdala, the emotional centre of the brain. In this capacity, professional aromatherapists have been using essential oils as a tool to help enhance the well-being and stress management of their clients.

Working with a Meta-Clinical Aromatherapist

A meta-clinical aromatherapist will first discuss the client’s history to find out how they are experiencing their health on a daily basis:

  1. What feels right in their life?
  2. What challenges are they having?
  3. What pain are they experiencing?
  4. What do they want regarding wellness and quality of life?
  5. Do they have any existing medical conditions and is there a history of poor health or disease?

Next, the meta-clinical aromatherapist will use this information and their training to guide the client on the 3 fundamental Ps for lasting success: product, protocol, and process. This added component of education will ensure the client understands the correct usage and appropriate application of essential oils for maximum value and benefits. This advice will be specific and time-bound so that the client has the clarity to observe, monitor, and measure the success of the 3 Ps with their body.

Essential Oil Education

I am a certified meta-clinical aromatherapist from the NAHA-accredited ISAMS programme. I trained directly with the Principal, John Wong, in 2017, and continue to explore this field both personally and professionally through ongoing study and hands-on inquiry.


Start using essential oils with the support of a community that includes wellness teachers, health professionals and qualified aromatherapists.