What is Qigong?

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees the body as a sophisticated system of energy channels that requires balance for optimal health. Qigong is an ancient Chinese wellness practice that builds on this knowledge, using meditation, controlled breathing, and movement to help a person master their inner life force. Qigong exercises increase the supply and flow of this vital energy throughout the body to promote a variety of rejuvenating effects including longevity, healing, and mental-emotional wellness.

Did you know?

As a daily practice, qigong is said to strengthen and harmonise the functioning of the body’s organs and meridians (the body’s energy channels), helping to correct any imbalances that can later lead to dis-ease and pain?

That the rhythmic motion inside the postures can establish synchronicity between the body and mind that cultivates a deeper, more connected, and calmer state of being?

Two of my favourites for daily wellness come the Forest Rock Long Life Qigong Set.

Posture: Sage Presents A Peach

Benefits: this Qi gong exercise is well-suited for people who spend a lot of time in their minds. It helps to calm the nerves, reduce stress, and restore energy for a restful night’s sleep.  Other benefits:

  • Promotes good balance
  • Helps harmonise right-left brain function
  • Strengthens the hips and knees
Posture: The Sun Spreads Its Light

Benefits: this simple movement improves the flow of qi in your body and balances the Yin Yang energy. Its benefits include eliminating the effects of adrenaline, caffeine, and other stimulants in the body so that you can discover your true energy level. By knowing this baseline, you can make better decisions for your physiology and wellness.

The best introduction to something new is having a personal experience of it. Schedule a free 20-minute immersion to learn these 2 incredibly powerful movements and feel the benefits first-hand.